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首先安装vue-i18n包新建locales/i18n.js文件/** * Created by liweiliang on 2022/10/14 15:16. */ import Vue from "vue"; import VueI18n from "vue-i18n"; import elementZhLocale from "element-ui/lib/locale/lang/zh-CN"; // element-ui lang import elementEnLoc- 阅读剩余部分 -

vue项目根目录新增配置文件 .babelrc{ "presets": [ "stage-2" ] } 修复好 Syntax Error: Unexpected token 启动发现又报如下问题Failed to compile with 9 errors Module build failed: Error: No PostCSS Config found in: D:\project\ 根目录新建postcss.config.js/** * Created by liweiliang 406320591@QQ- 阅读剩余部分 -

<template> <div class="moduleIntro"> <el-button-group> <el-button type="primary" icon="el-icon-arrow-left" size="small" @click="prePage">上一页</el-button> <el-button type="primary" - 阅读剩余部分 -

经纬度正则/^[\-\+]?(0(\.\d{1,10})?|([1-9](\d)?)(\.\d{1,10})?|1[0-7]\d{1}(\.\d{1,10})?|180(\.0{1,10})?)$/ 纬度/^[\-\+]?((0|([1-8]\d?))(\.\d{1,10})?|90(\.0{1,10})?)$/ 日期格式化'20150825'.replace(/(\d{4})(\d{2})(\d{2})/,'$1-$2-$3')

安装包 jszip和file-saver代码<template> <div class="jszip"> <span @click="demoZip">downloadZip</span> </div> </template> <script> import JSZip from 'jszip' import { saveAs } from 'file-saver' export default { n- 阅读剩余部分 -